Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Won't You Be My Valentine?

I love red...and hearts...so Valentine's Day is a holiday that has my name written all over it. Any excuse to decorate a little.

Today I am going to finish sewing an apron for the new book "More Retro Aprons". I will give you a sneak peak soon.

Have a great day
Bye for now

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BonnieN said...

I am probably your biggest fan Cindy! Valentines day has passed, but I did read that you are working on another Retro Apron book!Great!!! I am a total apron person, always have been. Love your patterns. all of them, we are doing the Pajama Party book right now. Your patterns are well thought out and go together just great! I would love to see a mention of what the fabric is the models are made from, even though the fabrics are probably discontinued, it is at least a place to start.